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Direct Mail  Copywriter

Direct mail copy that gets you noticed and creates opportunities

In today's digitally dominated world, people often forget traditional marketing methods or see them as 'old school.' But there are times when older methods work well and can be an effective tool to support your broader marketing activities.


As with all marketing copy, you must be clear on your message. Unlike emails or blogs, customers are more likely to spend time reading a piece of direct mail, so you can include more information. 


A good copywriter will break the information up with creative headlines and subheadings to keep readers interested and encourage them to act. A successful direct mail will have an unmissable headline that makes the reader want to find out more. Once inside, your copy needs to hook them further and clearly explain your product or service and why it's unique. And then, finally, there's your offer with a strong call to action.

Direct mail also lets you personalise your content to make it relevant to potential customers and make them feel you understand them and what they need.

I can write direct mail copy that inspires the reader and encourages them to contact you to learn more, make a booking or purchase a product.

My marketing musings

Every now and then I like to share my thoughts on marketing, and offer some advice, giving you tips on how to take your marketing to the next level. 


You never know, you may find some of it of use?

Need help with your direct mail copy?

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