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Brochure & Leaflet Copywriter

Brochure copy that makes an impression

Brochures, leaflets and eBooks are important marketing tools. They are often the first contact you will have with a potential customer and, unlike some digital content, are read more than once. So you need to be sure they clearly show the benefits of your company, products or services to the reader in a way that excites them and motivates them to take action.

Effective brochures are those written for a specific target audience. Some customer types may respond to a more formal tone, while others prefer something friendly and conversational. Whatever the tone, the aim is the same. To engage with your audience and show them how you can help them. In other words, why they can't do without your products or services.

Bad promotional material, full of spelling mistakes and waffle is bad for business. So it’s worth getting it right.

A professionally written brochure, leaflet or eBook will enhance your company’s brand and values and reinforce the features and benefits of your products and services. It's also a great sales tool that will be kept for future reference.

Whether you need something to promote your company, products or a service, I can provide you with high-quality copy that connects with your target audience, engages, informs and captures the attention of the reader.  

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My marketing musings

Every now and then I like to share my thoughts on marketing, and offer some advice, giving you tips on how to take your marketing to the next level. 


You never know, you may find some of it of use?

Need help with your company, services or product brochures and leaflets?

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