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Newsletter  Copywriter

Newsletter copy that builds relationships and drives action

Newsletters can be printed, a simple e-newsletter or a download on your website; whichever format you choose, they are a great form of communication.

They are a simple way to target specific sectors, showcase your capabilities, support new products, promote a campaign, update staff on company initiatives or make them feel inspired.  But a newsletter will only work if it has a definite purpose and isn’t being sent out “because you think you need one.”

The trick is to create engaging content that shows your personality and encourages subscribers to read your ‘news.’  Written well, a newsletter will create brand recognition, generate sales and help to build a relationship with your customers and prospects.

I can wite newsletters in a friendly, conversational tone or provide copy that has a technical slant, depending on your audience and the persona you want to create. 

My marketing musings

Every now and then I like to share my thoughts on marketing, and offer some advice, giving you tips on how to take your marketing to the next level. 


You never know, you may find some of it of use?

Need help with our newsletter copywriting?

Tel: +44 (0)7905 582432

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