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Adapting your marketing strategy during Covid lockdown

As we approach another full UK lockdown, we're again being asked to change how we operate. For many companies, this will mean deciding how to move forward and possibly make cuts to save money.

Marketing during COVID lockdown

Unfortunately, B2B marketing is often top of the list when it comes to cost-cutting. But cutting budgets here is the last thing you should do. After all, you've probably spent considerable time and possibly money building your brand, reputation, and customer base. If you stop your marketing, all this will go to waste.

Rather than put marketing on hold, adapt it to the current situation and ensure you're still visible to customers and potential customers.

Go online

With most people working from home or furloughed, many will have more time on their hands. Online browsing increases massively during a lockdown, so look at online marketing activities to help keep your brand visible. This can be quickly done for little or no cost.

1. People will spend more time on their social media streams, so make sure you post engaging and informative content regularly and become part of the conversation.

2. Now's an excellent time to update your SEO, particularly for local searches, as people will be looking for services or products closer to home.

3. Keep connected with customers and potential customers through captivating emails and e-newsletters that build brand recognition and loyalty.

4. Adjust your pay-per-click campaigns to ensure your keywords remain relevant and amend your CTAs. If your office is closed, there's no point encouraging people to 'call us now.'

Plan ahead

Once you have your lockdown marketing activity in place, start planning for what you will do post-lockdown. Now's the ideal time to build your marketing collateral so you can hit the ground running when things return to some form of 'normal.'

1. What better time to produce that brochure you keep talking about or update your existing copy?

2. Create a bank of content such as online blogs, PR case studies, features, or leadership articles that can be pushed out across the different channels.

Keep going with your marketing

Marketing during lockdown should focus on engagement, brand building, nurturing potential customers, and strengthening existing relationships. Businesses that adapt their marketing strategy not put it on hold, will be the ones that grow post-lockdown.

Need help with your social media, email, website, and PR copywriting or strategy? Get in touch; I'm here to help you.


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