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4 reasons why you should hire a freelance copywriter

As I launch myself as a freelance copywriter and marketer, it's only natural that my first blog should be on the benefits of hiring a freelancer.

Why hire a freelance copywriter

Having worked for agencies and as part of in-house marketing teams, I understand the pros and cons of the two and where freelancers fit into the marketing mix.

The benefits of using a freelancer will vary from business to business and will depend on what you want to achieve. But some benefits that remain the same, whatever your objectives are:

1. Cost-effective – Freelancers are a great addition to your marketing department as they allow your teams to concentrate on other vital projects or their main day-to-day work.

In today's uncertain times, costs are a concern for most businesses. Self-employed workers have fewer overheads, so even the higher priced freelancer can be cheaper than retaining an agency or taking on a permanent employee with a benefits package.

A freelance copywriter is ideal for smaller businesses or start-ups with limited budgets and no in-house marketing personnel.

2. Quality & Expertise – If your computer or printer breaks down, you call the experts to fix the problem in your IT department. Writing is the same. Everyone can write, but not everyone can write content that gets you noticed and engages with customers. Writing is the same. Everyone can write, but not everyone can write content that gets you noticed and engages with customers.

Freelance copywriters are experts; they have to be. That's their trade. Most will have crafted their skills in agencies and in-house and have a good insight into what works for different sectors, companies, and industries. To them, writing is a joy and passion, never a chore. But you don't become a freelance copywriter overnight.

3. Outside perspective – You might know your business inside out, but sometimes that can be bad; you can be too close to it to be impartial. The copy you write will be based on your perspective, not your customers'.

A freelance copywriter will be impartial and write content your audience wants to read about, not what you think it wants. They will bring fresh ideas to the table and write objectively and in layman's terms that your customers understand.

4. Flexibility – You may need brochure writing or your website product pages refreshing, but the work doesn't warrant taking on a new employee. You can tap into a freelance copywriter's expertise for a one-off assignment or a series of projects.

Whichever it is, freelancers will work with you and become an extension of your business, providing support when you need it or scaling things back as your requirements change.

Time to invest in excellent copy - hire a freelance copywriter

This year businesses have seen that you don't need to be in an office to work effectively. With remote working, Zoom, and Teams meetings becoming the norm, you're not limited by location. You can hire a freelance copywriter from across the country or even the globe.

So if you're creating a new website, need a company or product brochure, or want to strengthen your brand, it's definitely worth considering using a freelance copywriter to support your business needs and gain a competitive edge with quality content.

Drop me a line or call me to discuss how I can help you speak effectively to your customers and build your brand and credibility through new content ideas and great copy.


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