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Do you really know what a copywriter is?

Copywriters are wordsmiths; they create compelling copy that engages, educates, and persuades people to use or buy your products or services.

What is a good copywriter

Anyone can write, but not everyone can write copy that's structured correctly and what people want to read. A copywriter will spend time understanding your company and your target audience so that they can write copy that informs the reader and persuades them to take the action you want, whether it's to call you, sign up for your newsletter, or buy your product or service.

A copywriter can write about any subject for any business, large or small. Their skill is to tailor your tone of voice to the different channels and audiences and write original and fresh copy.

Copywriting your marketing material

PR Copywriting - PR is a great way to enhance your brand's visibility and reputation for little cost. A copywriter understands what editors want and what they don't, corporate waffle and weak stories. Whether it's a press release, case study, product release, or feature article, a copywriter will research and write the copy in the publication's style, giving your brand, services, and products greater media coverage.

Using a PR Copywriter for your press release and articles will save you time by allowing you to focus on your businesses, sales, and customers.

Website Copywriting - If you want to drive more traffic to your site, you need SEO friendly copy that appeals to both the end user and search engines. That's where website copywriters come in.

A website copywriter will research your business and target audience so they can write copy that speaks directly to your customers. They understand how to write engaging landing pages, product and services pages, and Blogs that keep people on your site and encourage interaction.

Brochure & Leaflet Copywriting - We may be in the digital age, but people still want brochures and leaflets. Like any copy, brochure and leaflet copy should reflect the brand and tone of voice and be impactful and engaging.

The last thing readers want is to be presented with text heavy, corporate babble. A professional copywriter understands how to write well structured, easy to read brochure copy with powerful sub-headings, strong and informative text, and killer bullet points.

Social Media Copywriting - Do you know what tone to use on LinkedIn, how to use hashtags, where to include images, and how to add links?

Social media copywriters understand what works on the different social media platforms and can write posts that help you interact with customers and build relationships. Copywriters know how to write clear and compelling copy for diverse audiences, so they're the ideal people to write your social media content. As this could involve several daily posts and tweets, most social media copywriters will also help you with your social media strategy.

Newsletter Copywriting - Newsletters and e-newsletters are valuable marketing tools as they help you stay in touch with your audience. They can be used to maintain contact with customers by launching new products, sharing industry news or promoting special offers, or introducing your company, products, and services to new prospects.

Newsletter copywriters understand how to provide balanced, engaging, and valuable information rather than being a full-blown sales pitch.

Email Copywriting - An email is a great sales tool, but people won't open it if you have a weak subject line. They'll press delete, and you've lost the opportunity to communicate with customers and prospects.

Email copywriters understand how to get a message across quickly and clearly. They can identify the main messages and write in a way that encourages the reader to take action.

Copywriters are versatile

These are just a few examples of what copywriters can do. As experts in copy, we can write quality content in your tone of voice that catches the reader's attention.

Whatever needs selling, we're the people you should speak to.

So if you're looking for someone to help enhance your brand, write compelling copy, and generate new ideas for your content, get in touch.


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