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Copywriting formulas to help you write engaging copy and save you time

We've all been there. Staring at a blank screen, longing for inspiration.

The brain fog intensifies as the pressure mounts to get the copy written. But you need to complete it and move on to your next task!

Sometimes you're just not feeling it; you can't force creativity. Next time this happens, take a break, then try one of these techniques. They can save you time and help you craft engaging copy that converts.

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Tried and tested formulas to help you craft compelling copy

Knowing your audience is one of the golden rules of great copywriting.

Before you write any B2B copy, you need to know and understand your target audience and their pain points. This will help you to tailor your messaging to their specific concerns.

Once you know and understand your audience, it's time to start writing. And by using one of these tried and tested copywriting formulas, you can write that copy in no time.

AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action)

This is the granddaddy of copywriting formulas. Developed in 1988 by businessman Elias St. Elmo Lewis, it's based on a series of steps customers take when purchasing.

AIDA helps you to structure persuasive copy that guides the reader toward a specific action. The idea is to grab the reader's attention, hook them in and then make them want to continue reading.

Attention: This is where you grab the reader's attention with a strong headline or a bold opening statement. This can be by asking a question or stating a statistic. The idea is to get their attention and curiosity, so they'll want to learn more.

Interest: Once you've grabbed the reader's attention, you need to keep it. Explain the problem and why your products or services are the answer. You do this by appealing to the reader's needs and desires.

Desire: Now that you've got their full attention and shown them what they're missing out on, you need to create desire. Tell them what they'll get if they take action. Your copy will highlight benefits and features and move the person from thinking, "I like that" to "I need that." B2B desires will be about saving time or money rather than an emotional desire.

Action: Now, it's time to show the prospect what to do next. Use a clear and compelling CTA to encourage the reader to take action. This could be signing up for an offer, downloading a whitepaper, filling out a form, or making a purchase.

If we look at a home security system - using AIDA, your copy could look like this:

Attention: Worried about the safety of your family and home? Are you looking for a reliable and effective way to protect your property?

Interest: You're not alone. Millions of families feel the same way. That's why Safe and Sound created a home security system that is quick to install and easy to use. Our system includes sensors, cameras, and monitoring tools that provide comprehensive coverage.

Desire: Imagine feeling completely safe and secure in your home. Imagine knowing your family is protected by a reliable and effective security system. Safe and Sound gives you peace of mind, reduces stress and anxiety, and protects your valuable belongings.

Action: Click this ad now to learn more about our home security system!

AIDA helps you to create an emotional connection with the reader and lead them towards a desired outcome.

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PAS (Problem, Agitate, and Solution)

PAS is used to structure persuasive writing and marketing messages. It's an excellent tool for direct response marketing, such as email marketing, paid ads, social media, and landing pages. The aim is to get an immediate response by encouraging the reader to take a specific action.

Problem: Identify a problem the reader is facing and describe it in a way that resonates with them. You want to show the reader that you empathise with them and understand their pain points.

Agitate: To do this, you heighten the reader's discomfort. Elaborate on the negative consequences of the problem and how it affects their daily life. You want to show them what will happen if they don't take action and buy your product or service.

Solution: Great news, you've got the solution to their problem! Present your product or service as the solution. Explain how it solves the problem and improves the reader's life.

PAS aims to create a sense of urgency and motivate the reader to act by offering a solution to their problem. You create a strong emotional connection with the reader by highlighting the problem and its consequences. They feel a sense of relief when you present them with the solution.

Problem: Are you worried about the safety of your home and family? Do you constantly think about burglars, break-ins, and other security threats that might endanger you and your loved ones?

Agitate: It's no secret that crime rates are rising, and many homeowners feel increasingly vulnerable and exposed to potential security threats. Without proper protection, you could be putting your family and your valuable belongings at risk.

Solution: Our Safe and Sound home security system provides the ultimate solution for your security needs. Our state-of-the-art system includes advanced sensors, cameras, and monitoring tools that watch your property. An alert is sent to your smartphone or other devices if any threats are detected.

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BAB (Before-After-Bridge)

With BAB, you identify and describe a problem, then tell the reader what their world would be like if it didn't exist. Finally, you explain how to get there.

Before: Identify the reader's current situation and describe the problem or challenge they face in vivid detail.

After: Here, you describe what it will be like after using your product or service. Explain how their life will be better, easier, and more enjoyable. In other words, you're describing a better future or the rewards associated with what you're offering.

Bridge: Introduce a solution that bridges the gap between the current situation and the desired outcome.

By using BAB, you create a powerful message that identifies the reader's pain points, offers a compelling solution, and bridges the gap between the two by highlighting the features and benefits of your product or service.

Before: Are you worried about the safety of your home and family? Do you constantly worry about burglars, break-ins, or other security threats that can endanger your loved ones?

After: Imagine feeling completely secure and at ease in your home, knowing your family is protected by our state-of-the-art security system that detects and deters intruders, alerts you to potential dangers, and even provides emergency response during an incident.

Bridge: With our Safe and Sound home security system, you can enjoy knowing your family and home are fully protected. Our system includes advanced sensors, cameras, and monitoring tools that watch your property and send immediate alerts to your smartphone or other devices if a threat is detected.

FAB (Features, Advantages, and Benefits)

FAB describes products or services by highlighting their features and explaining their benefits. This formula is ideal for product or service focused marketing, such as website copy, product descriptions, and brochures.

Features: Identify the product or service's features and what it can do for the reader.

Advantages: Here, you explain the advantages of your product or service and why it's better or more useful than competitors.

Benefits: Describe your product or service's benefits to the reader and how it will help them.

FAB is an effective, persuasive copywriting formula that identifies a problem the reader is facing, offers them a solution

By using the FAB formula, you can provide a clear and comprehensive description of your product or service, promote its unique qualities and competitive advantages and show how it meets your reader's needs.

Features: Our home security system includes advanced sensors, cameras, and monitoring tools that provide comprehensive coverage for your entire property.

Advantages: Our home security system lets you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your home and family are fully protected. Our system detects and deters intruders, alerts you to potential dangers, and even provides emergency response in case of an incident.

Benefits: By investing in our home security system, you can reduce your stress and anxiety and feel confident that your home and family are safe and secure. You can also save on insurance premiums and protect your valuable belongings and assets from theft or damage. And most importantly, you can enjoy the priceless benefit of knowing that your family is always protected and secure.

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Proven copywriting formulas for writing excellent copy

These are a few of the different writing formulas you can use for your B2B copywriting.

When faced with the dreaded writer's block, these copywriting formulas provide a structured framework with clear guidelines for writing great copy that grabs the reader's attention. They allow you to break down the writing process into manageable steps and focus on the key components of a persuasive message.

But, whichever formula you use, remember that your audience is the most critical factor. If your message isn't appealing, they won't read your copy, so they won't click or convert. You need to tell a story, make it personal, and forget the sales pitch.

If you struggle to write engaging copy that speaks to your audience, get in touch. I can help with your content and copywriting. So let's talk; I'm here to help you.



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